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New Hampshire for Anti-Racist Education

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This Initiative was founded in response to the BLM movements of 2020. It began with a petition to end the white washed history curriculum in New Hampshire. Recognizing the breadth of systemic racism across the state, the mission of this initiative became much broader. Our mission is to serve as a non-partisan initiative to understand and undo the effects of systemic racism in the New Hampshire public school system.

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  1. To prevent further whitewashing censorship of New Hampshire’s public education through curriculum reform. 

  2. To provide resources and accountability structures for teachers.

  3. To introduce policies/legislation that undoes the effects of systemic racism on NH’s educational system.

  4. To encourage community partnerships to foster communication and equitably distribute resources to meet community needs.

  5. To empower students to be advocates for change in their communities.

  6. To serve as an accountability structure for state leadership.





Driven by her education in inequality studies, Adaeze recognizes the great need for for anti-racist education in her homes state of NH. She uses her public health background to harness the power of community partnerships and collaboration between stakeholders to address this need and prevent further harmful outcomes for NH youth.



Passionate about the power of youth voices and the possibilities for systemic change, Grace, NHSS Class of 2017, began the petition to end white washed curriculum in New Hampshire in hopes that future students across the state receive a more complete education. She applies her design education to address educational reform through a holistic process that builds trust and relationships.



As recent alumi from the Nashua public schools system, we speak from the experience. Only a few years out of our New Hampshire public education, we recognize the challenges facing students today. We can connect with young voices across the state and empower them to be advocates for change.



NHARE is an initiative connecting local projects, organizations, and people striving for an anti-racist education to create change at the state level. This Initiative addresses the communication gap that exists between districts. Our work connects students, teachers, and state employees to create large scale change driven by student voices.

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Petition to call on the state of New Hampshire the end the white washed history curriculum.


Project to collect personal stories and experiences about systemic racism in the New Hampshire public education system. These will be shared to inform opposition on the importance of this Initiative and inspire movement on calls for actions.


Upcoming: Educational campaign to inform students about the public education system in New Hampshire and how to take action for reform.


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